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Welcome to the website exclusively for owners of Crescent Royale (CR) where owners enjoy their choice of residency on Siesta Key. Below is a list for owners to always be 'in the know' with regards to how Crescent Royale functions as a community. Communication is key to understanding how solvent and forward-moving CR really is. We have a beautiful location with everyone working diligently to maintain property values for all owners.
~ ~ Upcoming Events ~ ~
Thursday, September 14th to Saturday, December 15th
 Nutter Custom Construction and DSDG Architects have been hired to do the fitness renovation. Our target timeframe of completion is about mid-January 2018.
  • Permitting was secured on August 10, 2017
  • Some of the existing exercise equipment is in storage in a PODS onsite
  • Protective walls have been installed
  • Demolition of all the interior
    • Plumbing in the slab has been remove 
    • Cast Iron plumbing is being replaced with PVC
    • New plumbing is being installed for the four bathrooms 
    • Sarasota County rough plumbing and electrical passed inspection 
    • Electric demolition is in process                                                                              WINDOWS / DOORS demolition
  • HVAC
  • COMCAST installed another cable
  • DRYWALL is completed
  • Tile setters are currently installing walls and floor tiles
Also check out the tab called, "Renovation Process" for updated photos


To All Owners:

  1. Nature Zone Pest Control will be on the property on Monday January 8th treating the interior of each unit.  Please notify the office if you do not want them to enter your unit.


  1. Reminder: Annual Meeting January 20, 2018 at 10:00 am

Expect a package (Second Notice and Agenda) with the following contents:
      * Cover Letter explaining Annual Meeting and Elections
       * Minutes of the 2017 Annual Meeting
        *Election Candidates seven (7) resumes 

MAIL THESE IN:        
         *GREEN Proxy: This is used to vote for the four (4) items
         *YELLOW Election Ballot: Please vote for a maximum of only THREE (3)

          *Unit Policies and Guidelines for Owners
               These forms are to be used by owners who are renovating their units.



VERIZON CELL TOWER: Continued progress on installation of the Verizon cell tower. Yes, it has been noisy at times and we apologize for the disturbance. The upside is they are 3/4 finish with installation. 


ROOF MAINTENANCE: Florida Southern Roofing is scheduled on Monday, January 8, 2018, do annual maintenance of our roofs.


CURBSIDE ASPHALT: Rose Paving will be onsite Monday, February 5, 2018 to do repairs to the asphalt.


GRAND OPENING OF THE FITNESS CENTER: We are anticipating the re-opening of the fitness center at the end of January 2018. Our patience was well-worth the wait!





1. OWNERS WEBSITE: This was created for several reasons: 
       1) To allow the Renters website (.com) to be streamlined for better optimization of the search engine.
       2) The amount of information needed to disseminate to owners was too great to be shared onto the  Renter's Website (.com).
       3) Owners in the Rental Program will continue monitoring their rentals on the Rental Website (.com). This website is strictly for Owners Only.
2. ATTENTION OWNERS: To access the owners protected section of this website, please click on 'REGISTER'  and use your (EMAIL as ID) and the same password (UNIT TELEPHONE NUMBER) you use with the 'Renters'  (.com) website 
3. Please fill out the form to enter your Owner Profile and help us keep your information current.

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